International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.



Preachers, teachers, parents and governance role upon a child


Child-Birth of child is biological and temperament impact of parents. This is called birth reformation. Accordingly receptive potentiality of child upon conception towards “life and growth” is developed by getting environmental impulses. Receptive potentiality means active of brain cells connecting to consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, memory, conservative, constructive, destructive and foolishness.


Environmental impulses– Preachers, teachers, parents and governance facilitation stand for putting impulses for growing up receptive and conception about “life and growth” within child.


Parents-Parents are silence conduction for behavior, language, food, shelter, custom, ethic, humanity of child for grow conception about “life and growth”.


Teachers-Imparting academic along with direct to obey to social administration for making acquisition.

Simultaneously moral boosting is also required for a good citizen. Find the moral boosting course through link –


Preachers-Preaching about root cause of life and universe, and torching way how to active brain cells for having more consciousness and intelligence for leading a smooth “life and growth” in diverse situation and feel happiness in day to day professional life.Find the perpetual preaching of preachers of all communities Real preacher and preaching


Governance system-Facilitating to parents, teachers, preachers, child in term of infrastructure, system, process and technology for better “Life and growth”


Percentage of Ignorance-Ignorance included both foolishness and negative intelligence. More percentage of ignorance in our society is causes of poverty and violence in worldwide society.


Preachers’ role upon Ignorance –


A-Ignorance (Foolishness and negative intelligence) can be reformed by perpetual spiritual goading.

B-Negative intelligence teachers and governing people can be reformed by perpetual preaching and child can get more facilitation for “life and growth”.


C-Parents foolishness can be reformed by perpetual spiritual goading.

D- Find the perpetual preaching of preachers of all communities towards "Life and Growth" through link  Real preacher and preaching


Perpetual preachers creation– Now attraction governing people of Worldwide Governments would select, create, promote more and more perpetual preachers of all communities by introducing special scheme for reduce worldwide foolishness and negative intelligent for which it would automatically reduce poverty and violence in worldwide society.



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