International Integration Bond (IIB) is an unify worldwide social reformation platform owing to area wise psycho-socio-economy transformation continuously. It is very simple and friendly to make chain by same professional people or base on various fields of society in own locality. One may spontaneously help to other as per own potentiality related to psycho-physical-economy. Accordingly one gets from other to fulfill own scarcity. It would help continuously to reduce worldwide hostility,violence and poverty through motivation,system,process and technology. If one does not want to give, does not want to get.




                                                                   Character and Career

Natural resources-Providence provides us various natural resources like-life, anatomy, organ system, consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, foolishness,negative intelligence, various complexes (passionate want, angry,malice

,ego,sex,zealous,inferiority,coward,afraid,arrogant,defiance etc.)Soil, forest,water,sun,time,moon,air,

sky,metal,mineral,various species etc. for “life and growth”. Growth connecting to becoming in every point of view (physical, social, mental and financial)

Consciousness-Slowly consciousness is being increased from childhood to end of life by getting environmental various impulses continuously. Consciousness is the key of acquire knowledge.Implemention of knowledge is intelligence. All these temperaments (consciousness, knowledge and intelligentence) are working through brain cells system. 

Environmental facilitation and impulses-Environmental facilitation and various impulses help to improve the knowledge related to psycho-physic-socio-economy condition of every one, and these come from parents,teachers,preachers,relatives and Governmental facilities.

Vary of Knowledge –Knowledge vary from person to person because of active of brain cells. Brain cells activation depends upon birth reformation and environmental facilitations.

Foolishness, negative intelligent and ignorance – Less knowledge and trapped of one or more complexes is foolishness or negative intelligent (both are ignorance), in this stage generally negative intelligent cannot analyze to self for good character and foolish cannot analysis self for well career as well as character .It is happening due to birth reformation and lack of proper perpetual goading on life and growth.

A-Poverty-Lack of profession, one is suffering from poverty.

B-Unhappy- Having profession, but no character is suffering from unhappy.

Happiness is calm stage of God.Having property,post,position,status  without God is vain.

C-Vain-Without profession and character in life is vain.

D-Prosperous and happy life- Both career and character are needed for prosperous and happy life.

Way to build character and career-Whatever one conditions may be ,does not afraid or ashamed .Everyone has one or more born characteristics .only need to develop it by following the principle of Man God of own community and Good people contact.

A-Introduce reform course  on moral, foolish,negative intelligent  and employee management  from std.01 to PHD classes in educational system like



3-Employee management system -  Employment Movement




B-Up to end of life in all diverse situations try to develop consciousness, knowledge and intelligence to achieve prosperous and peace life.

C-May be loosed own career or character do not worry, try again and again to become well and achieve prosperous and peace life.

D-If one does not want to become well is his/her foolishness.

Brain cells activation-Inactive brain cells can be activated by following the principle of Man God of own community, which makes one positive in all respects is character and career. Below portray illustrate the mechanism how to activate the inactive brain cells.

Facilitation-Facilitation comes from psycho-socio-economy condition of parents and Government's nurturing policy.

Psycho-socio-economy condition of parents- psycho-socio-economy condition of parents to be improved by introduce socio-economy chain by framing various committee connecting to  communication,cultivation,food processing, drinking water,irrigation,road accident,corruption,woman empower, orphan care,diverse,burial,refugee settlement, domestic violence, sports,amicable,cultural,monitory fund etc. for improve theirs social participation and future planning .Then they will think and suggest to Government for more employment or career  in various streams for theirs offspring.

Students’ federation –Worldwide students’ federations would think new way of employment through system, process and technology for reduce discrimination in worldwide society like –Employee management system- Link-




              c-Employee management for reduce unemployment and real intolerance in worldwide society

                   Employment Movement

Transparent leadership- Worldwide society is needed positive youth leaderships in every filed of society for wipe out the unemployment, hopeless and harass among worldwide youths.


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